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Why is it worth investing in the mobile solutions we deliver?

Mobile solutions that we deliver are technologically advanced and functional business tools, designed based on proven UX standards.We focus not only on the quality of mobile platforms, but also their functional application in the terms of organization's needs for automation of business processes. . We deliver both sales, image and communication applications, ensuring their integrity with the tools already used by your company. Our mobile solutions are also part of the implementation of the omnichannel strategy.

The mobile software provided by us is not only created based on the current technological trends and mobile standards, but also is fully scalable. Thanks to that our mobile projects can be developed in the future and focus on changes taking place in your organization.

We program applications for Android / iOS platforms:

Our mobile projects
it's more than software, when you work with us
you also get:

  • Dedicated business analysis, developed in close cooperation with representatives of your company, enabling mobile solution software ideal for your business,
  • A jointly developed mobile implementation strategy in your company and a strictly planned, transparent process of project delivery,
  • Dedicated project team with Project Manager, who has the most knowledge about your project,
  • Modern design, designed based on proven UX design solutions,
  • Scalable and consistent with the development strategy of your company, based on the latest standards and technologies mobile solution,
  • Technical support and further maintenance of your mobile system,
  • Comprehensive advice on the implementation of additional, dedicated IT solutions for your business.

How can you apply mobile solutions at your firm?

  • Open mobilny sklep internetowy,thanks to that you will be able to reach more customers and you will increase sales as you enable customers to place orders using intuitive mobile application.
  • Support sales team in reaching better sales results offering them a tool to present products in an interactive form with catalogues and calculators at the ready, and the ability to manage orders online.
  • Build brand awareness Build strengthen customer loyalty by providing them with a mobile application for collecting points and active communication with your company,
  • Optimize data management -through single mobile solution, browse materials from various IT systems, check the status of paid invoices, verify the availability of products and manage contacts.

How will
our cooperation work?

We will conduct business analysis, clarify the functionalities and features of the project including MVP, and then we will select the best technology to ensure your organisational goals will be achieved
We will plan work on the project, build a team of IT specialists and create a work schedule
We will carry out conceptual work and prepare modenr graphic designes compliant with UX standards
We will program the functionalities and features of the project, implement the system and perform performance and safety tests
We will provide your application with technical support, we will take care of its development adapted to the changing business environment

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