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Why is IT consultingimportant?

The success of the project is not only dependent on quality and scalability of the software delivered. It is the thorough analysis of specific functionalities and features that enables us to create the product that meets client expectations. The software should be seamlessly integrated into your business environment and supported with a number of activities enabling its further development and expansion. This, in turn, will enable you to achieve your business goals, generate the development of your business, and evolve together with the organisational. This is exactly what we achieve as we provide the following services:
  • Pre-implementation analysis,
    where main goals are: to organise the information about the project, to precisely define your expectations for the end-product, to identify the key processes taking place in your organisation thus to understand the specifics of Your very business. Here we work in workshops, with your Representatives, where we advise You on the functional and marketing solutions that are mostly suitable for Your business, we outline the processes that will take place in the system and prepare the logic for its workings. As a result of this we present you with technical and functional documentation, which in detail describes the features of each modules.
  • IT infrastructure audit
    allowing to determine the performance requirements of IT systems, which is necessary for trouble-free operation of the software,
  • Product concept creation
    together with UX design enables us to create a system which is intuitive and ensure smooth implementation into your business environment,
  • Strategic consulting for the development of IT projects
    focusing on the solutions that increase the competitive advantages of your business and e-commerce solutions that increases sales.

What do you get?

Pre-implementation analysis

  • list outlining key processes that influence the optimization and automation of the organization's workflow,
  • scope of requirements for the project and the needs of its end-users,
  • list of processes taking place within the project, databases architecture, and system operation logic,
  • recommended solutions supporting the development of the platform in the future.

Building IT and UX communications

  • recommendations for the communication between the new IT project with already functioning systems rekomendacje w zakresie komunikacji nowego projektu IT z już funkcjonującymi systemami,
  • tips, for smooth implementation of new software into your business environment,
  • graphic design based on reliable UX solutions, which guarantee its intuitiveness and usability.

IT infrastructure audit

  • documentation describing performance requirements of IT systems,
  • guidelines for communication between individual systems,
  • analysis of the environment in terms of system continuity, maintenance and resource security,
  • concluding points regarding the strengths and weaknesses of IT infrastructure and the effectiveness of its security.

Strategic consulting for the development of IT projects

  • a list of solutions generating the development of your project in the future,
  • guidelines regarding the project, that support building your competitive advantage on the market,
  • strategy that increase the level of your sales, strategię zwiększającą poziom Twojej sprzedaży,
  • benchmarking solutions,
  • a list of recommended solutions that optimize your business processes.

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